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Default Re: Breaking news: Christopher story: Signs of an end-game showdown with washington

Great job, thanks Viking! What's uncanny is I've spent the last two weekends getting through the 3pt Camelot interview with Fulford. Finished the last portion this morning and was intrigued enough to listen to Fulford's Rockefeller interview and the other one where he's challenging the Illuminati with Leo Zagami.

Even tho this can be great news, it might get pretty ugly once people learn how badly America has been's an interview with a former Kansas State Highway Patrol Officer who said US military forces are preparing to use force on American citizens, full out bombing raids in certain circumstances...authorities expect people to explode when they learn the truth and it sure sounds like someone knows that the lid is about to get blown off all the dirty little secrets!

After reading your article I tied the two stories together in a write-up featuring the plane load of authorities landing in DC, along with the Fulford interviews. For anyone who hasn't listened to Benjamin Fulford you can go to my blog, there are links to all three videos at the end of the story.
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