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Default Re: urban survival... More quakes on the way 2010!

Originally Posted by sammytray View Post
well, it seems that you might be on to something. It is my guess that some of us like yourself have been having dreams like this... I would be confused if these dreams of warning do not transpire. How many others are dreaming of california quakes? When does someone say "I better think about going somewhere else BEFORE the chaos"... That is the dilema.
I haven't had dreams of an earthquake but about a month ago I did have a dream of waves overtaking cars. Don't know if it was California but I live in California- thankfully I'm in the mountains and not near the coast. I think I may be tuned to prophetic type dreams because I had repeating dreams of a plane crashing into a major city years before the 911 thing and I was living in NY at the time.
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