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Default Re: urban survival... More quakes on the way 2010!

Hi Gibonos

Humans are the guardians of Earth but they have forgotten that. Part of this history is written in the Voyagers II and there is more information with regard to what is happening now in the summaries that azuritepress has published the links are on my page if you scroll down

All cataclisms were produced by the conquering forces that have plaged the Milky Way for millenia. They have totally messed up the solar system

Now I believe too that there is cause and effect and that what is happening may had its cause with the miss practices that the human race got itself on in Atlantis. Many sectors of the population decided to follow the metatronic death sciences that were promoted then by the fallen angels that later on took over the planet in what was called the Luciferian conquest

We are living on a slave planet since then. It was a conquest from within and humanity allowed that

The interesting thing that rarely gets debated is the influence that the DNA of beings can have in the morphogenetic field. Bruce Lipton has come up with a theory that starts to explain that by deducting that all that we do affects our DNA for the possitive (longer life, health etc) or negative (shorter life, disease etc)

Why then we will think that Earth does not have DNA? Everything has it

With "The Field" by McTaggart a theory that things are connected like in AVATAR was put forward

So you see, even people and scientist from main stream are waking up to the possibility that we are connected...The MCEO Guardian Alliance have put forward dispensations that go much further explaining how the sciences of creation works and the key of all that is the DNA

The DNA is THE PROGRAM that was set up by Source

Stargate passage, ascension, manifestation, creation and destruction of words are regulated by the DNA program

Therefore, when humans were seeded here they were programed with the DNA that resonated with the planet so they could fix any distotion that may occur while re-evolving themselves to the higher dimenssions

Aliens can not manipulate the morphogenetic field of the planet without the help of humanity and they have gone to incredible lenghts to brainwash re-program and manipulate humanity. It has taken hundreds of thousands of years and they have basically achieve it

There is more to this history that what can be written briefly in a post but you can explore the azuritepress material

Stardustaquarion you miss my point which is:
cyclic refreshments of our home (earth) happens over so often and we can't change it, pure physics. I'm not saying that what you say is not true.
What I say is we have to deal with whatever is coming,
by hoping that our dna is changed or activated again we can wait forever,
like those who wait for their saviours.
Better be safe than sorry, explore all possibilities, especially spiritual,
but we can't forget that we live in physical universe and have to get ready to it as well.

Taking responsobility for one self, not relying on anyone, being sovereign is way to go.
Once you take back control over your life, can start forming communities and than take care of the planet. Planet is better off in places where there are no humans.
So whos looking after who? Shes our mommy and we are her children :-)

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