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Default Re: "Conspicary Theory" with Jesse Ventura

I forgot to add, the main thing I got out of the program is OUR ability to stop them and they know it. They know we have the ability to influence their decisions. Now that more and more people are becoming aware of their tactics, they had better shape or we can ship them out and we know it, more and more we're knowing it. We certainly out number them. If we are to believe Ben Fulford, there are now other factions that have warned them to back off or else. I'm guessing this is why the H1N1 hasn't taken a bigger hold on us. They must have backed off for the most part. The arrogance of these bas___rds.

I like the part where Alex Jones was outside one of their buildings (they didn't identify it that I could see) with a bullhorn giving them the whatfor. If we could just organize and do that at all their facilities. The law is on our side, until they gain such control that our law does not matter anymore. We can't let that happen.

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Yes, it will at least cause those asleep, who are going to wake up, to start to think that maybe there is something to this - my husband included. He has not been believing me about the chem trails but after watching that show last night he hasn't come right out and admitted it, but I can see his mind is turning over and over. He did make this comment - this is some far out stuff (only he didn't say stuff). At one point he even sounded like me when he said, "even if you tell them, some of them just want to live their little lives and not know".

Yes, Jesse does dish up a little drama to go with his facts, and I wish he wouldn't, but he is a showman and I'm sure that the show producers have also been instrumental in the format. It's like with Dan Brown, the show might not have all been accurate but it sure got people to thinking.

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