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Default Re: "Conspicary Theory" with Jesse Ventura

Hello All,

You have to consistently hold in perspective, what is being accomplished here via this show. It is a show that directly raise questions with the answers being linked to deliberate actions of our military, government, intelligence agency against it's own people. In order for this show to stay afloat, and even exist, it would have to integrate some level of colorful dramatizations or "theory" propaganda. Otherwise, you would have a mainstream show/personality telling people specifically with evidence; "Your government is lie, your military is a lie, you are being brainwashed/mind controlled and you have to take action". Are you serious? Unfortunately, it cannot happen that way.

Appreciate the show for platform it is being presented upon and the material allowed for penetration and contemplation.

Those who are most asleep, will continue to snore, but those few whom are on the edge of discovery, will be pushed over the edge. That is a good thing.
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