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Default Re: "Conspicary Theory" with Jesse Ventura

So true.

I was talking to a dear friend recently and mentioned that a 125 foot airplane could not have made an 18 foot hole in the Pentagon. He was skeptical. He also had a hard time wrapping his mind around the fact that all the info given in the days after 9/11 about the Pentagon et al was false. He asked me what I thought could have happend, and I purposely kept it vague, saying that it looks like maybe someone didn't do their job and there was a lot of ass convering going on.

But, really, I asked him, how can a 125 ft jet make a 125+ ft hole in the World Trade Center and a similar 125 ft jet make only an 18 ft hole in the Pentagon? Could the wings disolve into nothing just before impact?

Jesse is doing a good job and reaching an audience that is ready for him. Many will find him way too controversial -- like my friend. I keep trying and dropping little bits of info here and there. Someday it will all coalesce and another one will wake up, I hope. Questioning authority is all part of the process.

Jesse Ventura is not a final word, but he is a springboard for many who need just the right trigger released in their mind, and he does his work within a framework that many of us gave up hope on long ago, the mainstream media. It does not need to be a perfected art for him; in fact, the more sculpted and articulated his message, the more in-depth- the more likely to lose the interest of the many who are still entranced and deeply conditioned at a subconcious level and will find it to be too wide a gap to close in their minds. I applaud him for his efforts, I would not have the patience to deal within that framework as he does, and his rudimentary fashion is exactly what is most needed to be effective at that level.
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