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Default Re: "Conspicary Theory" with Jesse Ventura

Originally Posted by raulduke View Post
I've seen two episodes, haarp and 9/11, and while I thought they were both fairly informative if the show was going to be your first scratch at the surface of conspiracy theories, but something felt like some of the interviews were staged. One example was when one of Jesse's investigators was interviewing the two SU haarp researchers (at about 00:50) and asked them if haarp is purely research.

The overly dramatic gulps and gufaws before answering, to me, feels like an act.

There's more, but that's the only one I can recall right now.

Seems like some worthwhile legit stuff spread conservatively into alot of bs filler. That's the only way this kinda show will get on the air though.
I hear 'ya! I actually had the same impression but oh well, it's actually not uncommon for any interview on TV that if one take of it didn't turn out the way the director wants it then they just let them do it again, trying to sound spontaneous but on the other hand of course in this case Jesse trying to ask uncomfortable questions trying to get them to give something away so I don't know how much good rehearsing that would do to it's authenticity but I don't think it was staged, just maybe repeated... The global warming episode has one very lame clearly staged "dramatization" at the end, when the investigators are in China in front of Maurice Strong's penthouse building and then they 'run' because they have been 'spotted' by the 'police' now THAT was really lame... Well, it's TV after all and they need their quota, what can you say, still a good show!
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