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Default Re: The Coconut Diet™ - Thyroid Health A Key to Weight Loss

thanks for the analysis and nutritional sources.

as for the diet, if I consumed mostly vegetables, I wouldn't need VCO or MCT

I tried a tspn of MCT. It was different from the VCO experience.

nice not to mess with melting VCO, but that could be the other benefit.
noticed a real oily/stale aftertaste that lingered all day. Started with an energy boost,
then descended to an off-balanced effect that last most of the day, into night.
This 'crash' wasn't as intense as coming off VCO, but not at all desirable.
If I try it again, I'll cut the dose to 1/2 tspn, but that seems like too little.

at lunch today, I'll try a 1/2 tspn of VCO and see if that carries my through the rest of the day well.

bottom line is, at my age, I need to be careful not to tax my system/heart. so easy does it moving forward.

I am interested in the supplement suggestions and will investigate and try one of them.

thanks again for all the help. jimmer

ps: I looked at "Peter Gillham Natural Vitality® Liquid Organic Life Vitamins" and found that it contains lots of Chromium.
from past experiences, my system does not like Chromium. I get an aggressive, agitated bad feeling from it.
why is Chromium included in most vitamin supplements?
didn't it start as a fitness/body building supplement?
lots of doctors warn against high Chromium dietary supplements.
anyone know what the deal is? (sorry, this is off-topic.)

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