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Default Re: Illinois enters a state of insolvency

New York is in deep doo doo, too. Not only do we have a governor swimming in scandal, our former governer was knee deep in scandal, and we now have one of our congressional leaders resigning over scandal. What else? We have a busted budget and our state leaders are calling for more taxes--on all things soda pop! And I am living between an ecological nightmare with triple trash mountains to my northeast and twin peaks turning into triple trash mountains to my southwest and it's not going to stop anytime soon either. I'm beginning to think we should abandon all hope and move off this planet.

It really bothers me these days, knowing all this stuff has been going on for a very long time now and that many people are reported to be angry over what's been going on, I'm asking myself: is this really true? And if so, WHY did people in the last election put the same politicians BACK INTO OFFICE? Why have they NOT CALLED FOR A REFERENDUM on many of them? Why have they not picketed Washington and their state capitals MORE? Is this happening and it is just not getting reported or what? I have been since the second term of W telling people wherever and whenever I can to vote EVERYONE OUT OF OFFICE AND START FRESH. I don't care who your political leaders are or how much they have done for your district, vote them all out, EVERY ONE OF THEM, EVERY ELECTION, UNTIL they get the message: THEY WORK FOR US AND THEY HAD BETTER START WORKING FOR US A WHOLE LOT BETTER OR THIS IS GOING TO KEEP ON GOING UNTIL THE MESSAGE DOES SINK IN!!!

Now, can I get everyone's attention here on this board and advise the very same thing for those of us who are at least looking like we care? That in our next elections that we do this? Get them all out until we finally have the leaders we need to do the job we pay them for?

I heard Bob Chapman advocate this on one of his youtube videos I just watched the other night. I think it's time we heeded at least his advice, if not mine. Thank you.
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