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Default Re: Illinois enters a state of insolvency

Hey here in michigan , our illustrious leaders who have brought you 8 years of steady declines in jobs, est 700,000 to 1 mil gone, people leaving the state 85k last year and yet they still want to raise taxes. Everything is coming to the brick wall , they used the stimulas money to balance the budget this year but expect a 2-6 billion shortfall next year.Here's the really insane part the teachers union in michigan had a philanthropist offer the city of detroit 240 million of his own cash to build charter schools in detroit. Yep his own money and what did the teachers union do, they turned it down.

I'm an independent voter but when Hillary was running she never even stopped by here to campaign mainly because it would have been a carbon copy of what she would have had in DC . 8 years of dem governor, house and senate and what do we have to show for it. A business unfairly taxed agenda and the highest unemployment in the country and people who want to leave but can't sell their house.

There are some proposals as our governor is finally gone this year(term limits) as I'm hereing proposing 20% accross the board cuts to all state employees pay and a bunch of others. If they do that we can balance the budget. Gee living within your means, what a concept !! he days for many states of larger gov't and entitlements are nearing the cliff.
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