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Originally Posted by Bill Ryan View Post
We're in close touch with Henry Deacon about Amateur Radio and intend to post much more about this on Avalon in due course. There's already an introductory section about Amateur Radio here.

We're wondering if any other visitors are radio 'hams'. Many people (including us) want to learn. Some may be a little daunted.

What's needed is NOT technical expertise, but patience and an ability to teach and communicate with people who are starting from zero and wno may not be technically minded.

What might be very useful is a whole section of this forum devoted to an Amateur Radio Q+A. Henry Deacon would contribute, but is not in a position to lead or organize this.

Anyone out there?
Hi Bill,

I am a ham. Have been since 1996 when I got my licence after a 6 month course, but only played around with electronics and radio and not transmitted.
Just actually got back into it again and have purchased a top range transciever an FT-897, that enables me to use all the frequencies from HF to UHF. I am still putting it all together so by the next week or so I should be in the position for transmitting.

I am in the uk, by the way...

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