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Default Re: Pranic Nourishment-Living on Light

Hi, it is basicly sucking in energy from all around you and entering your body. One example i can give of the effects is this.
I was at a psychic open day and one of the lead psychics did not turn up, I was asked 5 mins beforehand to step in and go on stage. I didnt really feel upto it but i had no option. I was tired and felt crappy. So i sucked in the energy from around me, trouble is i did this too quickly and sucked in too much, the result was i didnt sleep for 2 days.
With all of these things you should never rush, I took in too much as i had to go on stage....i rushed it.....i didnt sleep.
I will be adding this in the meditation program.

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cool topic, and what is 'energy sucking'?
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