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Default Re: Pranic Nourishment-Living on Light

Originally Posted by Hugo View Post
When I first heard about "breatharians" I got very curious, my first reaction was of desbelief, and then I heard about it again and decided to find out more so I purchased one of the books by Jasmuheen. She claims that we can program our bodies to not depend on food !?
Aparently some people have died atempting to live on prana but there's still the ones that claim they're doing it.
I would like to know if there's anyone that has some experience on the subject or care to share what ever you know about it in this thread.

Happy Days !!
My husband and I got interested in breatharianism in about 1981. I had read about Wiley Brooks who is now in his 70's and has founded the "Breatharian Institute of America". I believed that he did not need to eat at all. So we embarked on our experiments with diet, hoping to work towards breatharianism.

We became total vegetarian, then raw foodist for months, then fruitarian for several months. During that time we had found out that Wiley Brooks had been caught eating McDonalds hamburgers several times and his girlfriend basically said the whole thing was a hoax, so we then believed he was lying about being a breatharian.

I have read of certain people in India going years without eating and I think in certain circumstances it's most likely true. The longest I went without eating was 10 days on water only. Certainly diet has a great influence your ability to experience your inherent power. The fruitarian diet especially seems to be effective in allowing one to more easily develop abilities that can be blocked by eating heavier foods.

One night I was meditating at about 3 am and started hearing a voice in my head. I was thrilled because I thought it was the voice of God!! It turned out to be a weather report! Apparently when you totally clean out your sinus cavities you are able to receive radio waves. We laughed about that for many years.

One of the problems with strict fruitarianism is that our teeth started to get loose. We decided that as interesting as it was, we weren't wise to continue the experiment. In fact it was somewhat uncomfortable being able to feel the energy of every living thing, and since everything is made up of living energy, it was basically a sensory overload.

A restricted diet does make it easier to leave your body and travel on other planes/dimensions, but I found that it made it more difficult to live in the normal physical world. It seemed to boil down to a choice of living in the physical world or rejecting any semblance of a normal life in order to pursue the most extreme spiritual experiences. I chose to live a more normal life and to raise my children in a less radical manner.

IF breatharianism is possible for a normal person, I haven't heard of a proven case and I no longer automatically believe anything I read. Just because someone claims to be evolved spiritually does not mean they are not lying or just plain deluded and foolish. Wiley Brooks is still touting his breatharianism, he has posted on his website about the spaceship appearing on the 14th, and of course he is asking for donations so he can help mankind ascend.

We humans are funny creatures and I'm sure we provide a lot of entertainment for beings on all levels, as they do for us, but then it's all one big cosmic joke in my opinion. I don't take much of anything too seriously anymore and I enjoy it all but don't BELIEVE any of it. I also don't disbelieve it because anything is possible. It's just that none of it is very important.

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