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Default Re: Pranic Nourishment-Living on Light

Hi Guys,

A little disappointed by the shortness of this discussion. I have met someone in India who was from Europe who had done Jasmuheens method. He said it workded. He said he got supernatural powers (powers to levitate) - very nice guy I trusted him. I sensed he was still a non-eater and was only eating for my benefit. I researched Jasmuheen and downloaded her books. I do not remember the energy sucking. I remember a square breathing practice. Breath in for x mins, hold for x mins, breath out for x mins, hold for x mins and repeat. To be done in nature with fresh air of course.

I recently met an indian sadhu who had not eaten anything for 6 months...only water. He was the real thing...his secret was of course meditation.

I met a girl at my local organic market in brisbane Austraia who claims she was fruitarian for two years and that she had fasted for 68 days. Unfortunately her presence made me feel was'nt anything in particular but something egotistical or something to do with playing a power trip...I can never work it out. I met these so called spiritual people but they seem really unfriendly and defensive. Call me naive!

I am interested in becoming a breatharian. I fully believed I was to be a breatherian when I was young and I believe I can be one now. I do tread cautiously though. I am practically a fruitarian at the moment.

I have never had weight issues I can eat as much as I like and I never put on weight. For me it is a purely spiritual practice. This dimension is not my home.

Check out "Jericho Sunfire" on youtube and Akhai the breatherians.

I am so disappointed to see hardly any of my own kind here as well.

I don't relate to all these so called spiritual people who pay to have animals slaughtered to fill their belly?

Where are my own kind?

Is anyone out there?
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