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Default Re: How does one deal with the 'boredom' of existence?

Originally Posted by Leunamros View Post
I know all that people offered to me, all that i needed to know from what they could offer, thatīs the "all i know". To get more is harder and harder to find because humanity is in one specific place, with one specific general state of consciousness. When you go too much beyond such general state, and when you are well aware of such, the dangers you face are boredom, too; not only loneliness, and isolation. Truthseeking is a very risky endeavour. You sanity is at stake, and mine has been several times, i have had to fight hard to keep my mind balanced with what i progressively had learnt.

In my case to continue with a normal growing i should go off this planet to see whatīs beyond this tiny space.
Everyday that passes by is harder to find real food for thought. There is a stupid 97% fearmongering mixed with phony promises everywhere. Thatīs very sad.
I had to alter the quote to make room so I could see where I'm typing. Typing on the phone isn't always fun. xD

This tiny planet and the people who live on it each have somethng to offer whether you think you already know it or not. Once more your scoe is far too narrow. You are only scratching different surfaces an saying you already know it all.

If you have already learned everything already then why do you continue to reincarnated into a world/dimension/plane/reality where you know it all already? If you continue to come back time and time again to the same "space" then you have not found all that there is to find.

I could go wrong telling people I have existed long before anyone knew what time was but why? I was, am, will be being for it is what I am and have chosen to be. I am energy housed in a physical form. You may destroy my physical shell but I will continue to exist as energy exist in all things. It can not be destroyed but changed.

Then again me going around spouting what I just did would smack of hubris and ego. It may be true of me though others may not belebe me but that does not bother me in the least. I am what I am even though I have yet to fully comprehend all that is me.

Whether I agree with the views of other posters is immaterial. It is he difference in knowledge and views that allow us to grow.

Knowing myself is one surface. Knowing that which is around me is another. There are many surfaces and all are wonderous.

You cheapen the reality you live in by discarding this tiny planet and wanting that which is beyond it.

Instead one should encompass the whole of this so called reality.

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