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Default Re: ISS - International Space Supercenter Shopping Mall

Originally Posted by Old Dood View Post
Do not be hard on yourself.
After this 3D life the ONLY judgement will be from what WE bring to it.

Check out the book Journey of Souls by Michael Newton.
Fascinating read. It is a whole bunch of case studies on people being hypnotized by Michael Newton.

Then there is a follow up book by him named: Destiny of Souls.

It makes total sense to me anyways and I do not fear death anymore.
Also you can check This is a pretty good read too.

Thanks, Old Dude,

I appreciate that ~ I will check those books out ; )

Yes, i believe life is Eternal... and i don't really fear it ---(which is also death)

I think, i just do look forward to "a real rest from it" ~~ Do you know what

i mean?

Living can be soooooo exhausting sometimes.........

Peace * Love
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