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Default Re: ISS - International Space Supercenter Shopping Mall

Originally Posted by Teresa View Post

Hello Mr. Lear,

I do tend to believe the Grays and other alien species exist.. Although i try not to concern myself too much with this subject, i do have a question for you--- I'm sort of under the impression that the Grays, as well as other alien races, have a very advanced system of "telepathy communication" 'somehow' linked into certain humans (maybe all humans) which they can activate at any time they wish.

You know the imagination can run wild; and i can speculate that 'all on earth' are merely 'subsets' of all the different alien races above...

What are your thoughts on this ?

Thank you,
Teresa *
Hello Teresa,

I am not sure what you mean by 'subsets' of all alien races. But we (humans, every single one of us) are all under the care of the grays and they listen to us/you 24/7 whether you want to or not and it is all recorded for future use. So if you think you are thinking something no one will ever know...have I got a surprise for you.
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