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Default Re: A question for the moderators

I cannot not answer that one - maybe Anchor or Gareth can.

Is this the same issue Seashore has been bringing to our attention?

This may soon be a moot issue, if all goes well with setting up vBulletin 4.0 as the forum software. Since we are all volunteers, with lives busy also with other things, such as jobs and families, it is impossible to have a target date - except for, as soon as we can ...

I'm hoping 3-4 weeks, but I may have my head in the clouds on that one, since I'm not experienced on the techie end of things.

So - we will have all the latest upgrades to vBulletin, a new forum look as the old skins won't work with the new version, new mission statement, and revised and updated guidelines.

And NOW - back to work on all that ...
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