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Default Re: Suncreen nanoparticles 'might be toxic'

Originally Posted by HORIZONS View Post
Growing up in sunny So-Cal I loved being out in the sun, but burn very easy. Sun tan lotion back in those days didn't do much for that as it was mostly oil's. Nowadays we have SPF screens and they are poisons to the skin. Your skin is the largest body organ you have, and you assimilate through your skin just like any other organ would. In fact your skin absorbs more of the substance you put on it than if you were to ingest it.
After detoxing the body and eating a healthy diet I find that I can be out in the sun without sunscreen and even though I may burn, the effects are not the same--the burn heals much faster. I start sun bathing this time of year on sunny days for 20-30 min each side and by summer I can be out in the sun for hours without burning, and I feel great (vit. D3). Sunscreen is not needed if you detox the skin along with the body. The best thing is to use food grade coconut oil and coco butter mixed up. I blend several organic oils and bees wax to make my oil for sun bathing. The sun is good for you - IF you are not toxic.

I agree that the sun is good for us. The animals know this. Up north here in Canada in the winter, I watch my dog and cat on sunny days. They are laying on the floor in a room where the sun comes through the window, just lapping up the rays. hehe

"If we were flowers we would worship the sun"
I guess the pagans and egyptians were probably flowers then!

They like to worship the sun also.
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