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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

I just discovered what appears to be another wonderful website. It's
There's a short video in 2 parts which introduces it at
It cover all kinds of bases re ascension and living healthfully on the planet

I would also like to hear more about what we can expect as far as a false flag Disclosure and the real thing.
Many reputable channelers have said that Obama was not the person the Illuminati wanted to win and that he is a good person to have in the White House now, would do as well as anyone could considering all that must be contended with, etc, and came in with a mission to help turn things around to a more positive agenda. It felt last year like that might actually be the case, and we were on our way to Disclosure, etc, but there seems to be a lot of doubt now, either because Obama just can't contend with it all, that he is actually just another puppet, or that the time just hasn't come yet for the tide to turn. (Maybe he is having a spiritual struggle of his own to open to the which case, he surely needs our support.)
Is it just me, or are things really seeming to be at the tipping point now? With the US economy in such dire straits, there seems to be an enormous amount of pressure, and perhaps it's anyone's guess as to what will happen, but it SURE feels like something's got to give.
I'm also wondering if the blue spiral over Norway helped to create the extreme weather conditions we are having now. It seems pretty clear the spiral originated from HAARP, though one channeler I follow, Suzy Ward, says it was of ET origin. (Seems unlikely to me.)
Finally, I read that Obama has given Interpol increased power, which strips US citizens of more civil liberties, but some are speculating it is because he wants to have more access to secret documents so that criminal activities committed by Bush, Cheney, etc can be revealed and held accountable.
Any inside word on this?
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