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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Bill I agree with Onawah,
Have you seen the 8 hour lecture from Nasim Haramien?
His Unified field theory is awesome and certainly answers a lot of the questions that up to now the standard institutions have been unable to answer.
The statement and pictures from the satellite showing this comet which was twice the size of Jupiter, entering our solar system and going around the sun, is amazing to say the least, he shows a close up showing that just as the comet curves around the sun, there was a huge blast from the sun which hit the comet and moved it in it's orbit, presumably saving us from the effects of it. He then showed a video showing two UFO's flying into the sun prior to that event, both ships were larger than the earth.
Do you know anything about that from the point of view of some et's taking action to save us?
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