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Default Re: KUNLUN NEI GUNG - Ecstatic Bliss

Nice thread. I have been attending classes for over a year now. There is a LOT of laughing involved. It's not uncommon to see people's bodies arched in ecstatic bliss or falling off their chairs laughing. At first I was sceptical of this behavior. Being a more reserved person myself, it took me one year until I recently had a spontaneous fit of laughter while doing Red Phoenix. Laughter aside, I felt something the very first time. The magnetic energy, the expansion of the pineal is palpable, and the whole practice invigorating for the body. It's very popular here in Hawaii (where I am for the moment) and there are a number of gifted teachers waiting for the call to get out there and spread the word. It's interesting to me that so many people I have met thru Kunlun are also aware of the information shared on this forum.... e.g. James Gilliland.
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