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Default Re: KUNLUN NEI GUNG - Ecstatic Bliss


Thanks so much for this info, Luminari, and for the links. i CAN'T WAIT to get "into" it!

i do think i understand why it would be immeasurably preferable to attend a workshop and be properly trained. but for the many of us who DON"T live near the locations you mentioned (nor have travel money) ..... maybe it would be at least an acceptable beginning for us to "read-up" on it and try to do what we can on our own (and maybe w/input from people here on this forum). Maybe we could help each other learn it! and--when those fortunate enough to get-to a workshop return--maybe they could be our "Master Teachers" and give us some of the graduate student Tips and Pointers! wadda ya'll think??!

Anyway ...... sure do appreciate finding this thread today ...... as you said, Luminari, good timing!

your sister,
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