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Default Re: KUNLUN NEI GUNG - Ecstatic Bliss

yes, WITW, it's an orb, I didn't take the photo, but it's such a good example and shows wonderful detail - I did however, have a beautiful experience of being totally innundated with them when I was at ECETI, though - totally like no other was a cold, crisp night, in a huge field and it was the sensation of having something warm and very near to your face, opening my eyes in the darkness at one point my vision was almost distorted as though underwater - it was a giddy feeling! Joyful.

so, Luminari, I think that you sound so sincerely keen that you should contact Max with that very message - here's his site for practitioners, which I'm sure you've checked out, with contact info:

and this book, you're unable to get it in Oz?
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