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Smile Re: KUNLUN NEI GUNG - Ecstatic Bliss

Thank you Vagabunda!

Please pass on a message to your facilitators;
Australia is the only part of the world that has no Kunlun teachers at all yet, and has not even had any workshops or classes. I can not find a source anywhere on the planet that will even ship the Kunlun book to Australia.

Its really only a matter of time until this situation is remedied. Please ask them to include Cairns in far north queensland in their travels when the Kunlun masters make the journey to australia. I am involved with a local buddhist center and also know many Aikido martial artists, and many other spiritual and meditation oriented esoteric people. I can muster a large enough contingent of willing students should the Kunlun opportunity arise to make their visit worthwhile.

Thank you deeply for sharing the technique you described above, that is wonderful.
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