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Default Re: How to save the world... My way.

Originally Posted by cloud9 View Post
I know a person who has become insane because of receiving all this information in a short time, she was taken to a mental institution for a few weeks and her family had to isolate her from her computer because she was so obsessed and scared, when she heard that Jesus was part of the plan of the ETs and he was not the Son of God, she was left without a spiritual base and she went nuts.

That's why Mrs. Dolores Canon says she has being spoon fed through the years so she would accept the sea of information little by little in a safer manner.

Two years ago I used to see just a few hundred of viewers in youtube videos related to this material, now it's on the thousands and the most recent PC interviews reached thousands too in just 2 days, so the 100th monkey principle is working very well.
This is a FANTASTIC THREAD and a VERY IMPORTANT QUOTE ABOVE. are on the right my view. You are doing this the right way. The included quote is an example of the dangers we face as we attempt to save the world. I feel this quote very keenly and painfully because of my own experience...and regarding a lot of my threads and posts on Avalon. Be very careful and tactful as you attempt to wake people up. This is a very unstable time in our evolution...and I think a lot of people will go insane. This may be one reason for the camps. Step away from the PC...get plenty of exercise in nature...lots of sleep...and nobody gets hurt! Not even the 100th monkey!

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