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Default Re: You Have Exactly What You Have Created

>One of the favorite tricks of the Dark Energies is to give enough truth, woven in with lies, to reel you in.

Yes, a sprinkle of hey-this-makes-sense, and then the free meal, which in this case is christian heaven. Heaven and other astral places can be experienced though astral projection when still in this game. Some religious places in the 4th density are falling apart because they aren't receiving energy to maintain the form(s), like valhalla, the viking heaven. Not so with the christian heaven, as it's still getting a lot of energy from believers. Imagine that, a spirit scraping the floor, saying I'm not worthy, to an astral thought form the spirit helped create. If only some had the humor to dress 'ol jesus and god up in speedos.

>You have been played like a fine violin, and most of you ones have followed along like dutiful little lemmings.

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