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Default Re: DNA Activation??

Yes, well this is what I was wondering too, and if you check my posts I told my story of the tone I hear 24/7, and well my meditation of intent to do this is what started the process I think.

All I can tell you is that at least 3 times a week, I intend to ascend my DNA through a meditative though. Here is a rough example of my form if Intention I used. However don't come back to me if you get what you are seeking and it is uncomfortable :-)


INTENTION while in a meditative state

Creator, thank you for free will. I have decided that I would like to ascend my DNA and repair any strands that were blocked at some time as a result of my decision to assist me in my spiritual progression. However I know that as we speak this I am being assisted to make this change the right of which was aready been granted by you as a result of my existence, and that if my higher conciousness does not know how to do this it is receving what it needs to make this possible right now, because due to free will I know this is granted by default and is happening as we speak

I woud also like to contact any higher entities on any dimension such as the Pleiadians, Orions, Nordics, and many others, who have my highest and best good at heart, in or around the plant Earth right now that can assist me in this transition, and would like to participate in the ascension of this world where possible, and give them permission to make contact and work with me on any level, and I am setting an intention to contact them now.

Thank you for free will and the opportunity to change my form from what I origionally chose to manifest when I came to this planet, and I realize that the opportunity to change the structure of my DNA and resulting ascension it is already happening just by nature of my request.

With Love, thank you creator.


have fun.

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I am very curious about this! Any thoughts, opinions or comments would be greatly appreciated

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