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Default Re: Meeting with Bashar~ amazing.

I have been connected with Bashar for over 23 years. And I have had the opportunity to have one on one sessions thru someone else who channeled the same energy (Elan). Of all the channeled info that I have been privileged to experience this has been and still is the most fun and the most self empowering.

I also had the opportunity of hanging out with a friend from South Africa who channeled this same energy with eyes wide open, walking around and driving. It was as good as or better than "3rd Rock From the Sun". And needless to say some of my experiences in other realities have been most profound.

Another channeler that I have liked is the following:

This link is the most recent. And very revealing of the prevailing energies.

I believe that this forum is the accumulation of positive energies that are "moving to the front lines" so to speak.

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