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Default Re: Now Vitamin D is Dangerous??

I have been suffering from yeast infections and cystitus for 30 years.. I have been to Harley Street uroligists had cameras up my uretha and been tested and tested over and over again ...all they could find was inflamation and elivated white blood cells...they could not find the bacteria...

Through the whole swine flue thing I started taking vitamin D3 and researching it...
I have been on it since last september...2000 iu's a day and 10,000 when I think I need to fight off an incomming flue or cold etc..

Sice September I haven't had a single yeats infection or cystitus... I feel great. I haven't had flu or a cold.... I felt flu comming on over christmass just the tingeling beginnings one night and I uped my vitamine D3 To 10,000 iu's for a few days and flue...
Every one around me got flue and bronchitus and I was giving them all Vitamin D3 and they would all recover very quickly..

I haven't had a blood test and I know I probably should BUT I will continue on my vitamime D3... none then less

I even cured my arthritic young dog with Glicosamine and Vit D3...

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