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Default Re: Now Vitamin D is Dangerous??

Hi to all,

I just wanted to share with you my suspicion about vitamin D.At first,this clip sound true,but when I think about it,there is some unanswered questions.
How is, that all doctors in the world do not know that (only they know) that
vitamin D is not a vitamin,it is hormone!Sun is dangerous!Now we must hide from the sun,and probably use these sun blocking creams(that is healthy!)
In my country babies,until the first year of life,taking oil drops of vitamin A and D3 to have stronger immune system.According to Marshall we are poisoning our
children.I just wonder what he thinks about vaccines.
Sorry if I sound a little bit nervous about this.I am taking vitamin d3 5000 iu per
day,do I poisoning myself?

All the best
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