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Default Re: Now Vitamin D is Dangerous??

I would like to contribute my good experience with VitD3. I grew up in Asia so I lived with a hot sun everyday. In Asia we do our best to keep out of the sun, unlike here in the west After 21 years in the west and no sun, I suppose all the natural D3 in me got depleted. So I was always cold, cold hands, cold feet. Last winter and all the winters before I was always freezing even indoors. I would have to wear a woolly hat and thick jacket indoors and slept with double socks

Before this winter started, and because of what I heard on Project Camelot, I got hold of VitD3 and took 20,000 IU five days a week. Sat and Sun I rest. It was Heaven! My body, hands and feet warmed up and this winter has been a breeze for me even though it was the coldest winter ever! Get that! and I was sailing through it. Bless VitD3.

By the way, I bought the VitD3 from Quality is good for all their products. I buy 3 bottles a time since I'm taking 20,000 IU and their price is affordable.
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