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Default Re: Now Vitamin D is Dangerous??

Vitamin D levels should be tested.
The D METABOLITES consist of two tests

1,25 dihydroxyvitamin -D
25 hydroxyvitamin - D
The tests require very special handling, and must remain frozen during shipment to the lab.

Dr. Trevor Marshall does have an interesting protocol. It's quite intense such as blocking sunshine, and even indoor lighting, avoiding vitamin D rich foods to cure a range of "autoimmune" type diseases. People have to be quite ill in order to have the will-power to follow this for 6 mo to a year or two or more. (from memory)
A 2009 paper by Perez stated that patients with many chronic conditions, including lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, sarcoidosis, Sjögren's syndrome, autoimmune thyroid disease, psoriasis, ankylosing spondylitis, Reiter’s syndrome, type I and II diabetes mellitus and uveitis had seen some improvement in some of the symptoms of their various diseases[5]

What is the Marshall Protocol?

The Marshall Protocol is a curative treatment for diseases having a TH1 type immune response. Patients having been diagnosed with one or more of a wide range of diseases have been successfully treated using this protocol. It works by enabling the immune system to destroy the intracellular bacteria that are thought to be the root cause of the illness. See About the Marshall Protocol and Why the Marshall Protocol makes sense

Will the Marshall Protocol work for my disease?

The specific disease diagnosis is not as important as the results of a D-Metabolites blood test along with clinical assessments by a knowledgable MD in determining whether you can be successfully treated with the Marshall Protocol. See Is the MP an applicable treatment for my disease?

How does the treatment work?

An ARB (angiotensin II receptor blocker) medication, Benicar ®, is taken, and sunlight, bright lights and foods and supplements with vitamin D are diligently avoided. This enables the body’s immune system, with the help of small doses of antibiotics, to destroy the intracellular bacteria. It can take approximately one to three years to destroy all the bacteria. See Simple Explanations

How successful is this treatment?

Physicians have reported successfully treating their patients using the Marshall Protocol where other treatments have failed. Many Drs are now treating patients with the Marshall Protocol and more patients are starting.

Although to date there have been no formal clinical trials for this new treatment, there is an increasing amount of evidence supporting the bacterial cause for diseases having a TH1 type immune response and the method used in the protocol for destroying the intracellular bacteria is based on solid medical science. See Where can I find statistics about the Marshall Protocol?

If the Marshall Protocol is so good why is not used more widely?

New treatments for disease, especially those involving paradigm shifts in medicine, take a long time to become part of general practice. It took about thirteen years before Dr. Barry Marshall’s discovery of the bacterial cause of stomach ulcers before his antibiotic treatment become part of general practice. Coincidently, Dr. Trevor Marshall attended the same university and studied under the same instructors as Dr. Barry Marshall.

Furthermore it is more difficult to obtain acceptance of the Marshall Protocol because, like surgical operations, its efficacy and safety cannot be easily proven with double blind clinical trials. See Why isn't the MP being used by more doctors?

How would I know that it is working for me?

Your reaction to the protocol drugs will differ from the general population. For example, you may become photosensitive when taking Benicar. You will experience the effects of bacterial die-off when taking the antibiotics. Your experience will depend on the types of bacteria dying off and when and where they have invaded your body. See How can I tell if the MP is working for me?

D-metabolites blood tests and other tests will enable your doctor to objectively measure your progress. You will experience a gradual remission of your disease symptoms until you are symptom free! See What degree of healing is possible using the Marshall Protocol?

Who developed the Marshall Protocol?

The Marshall Protocol was developed over a period of about twenty years by Dr. Trevor Marshall, PhD, a medical research scientist, and Liz Marshall, a pharmacist and Trevor’s wife. Dr. Trevor Marshall applied the protocol first to himself to treat Sarcoidosis. The Marshall Protocol is partially based on the work of Lida Mattman, research scientist in microbiology. She was nominated for the Nobel Prize in medicine.

See also Top 14 misconceptions about the MP: addressed and explained

See information:
My doctor wants to read about the MP in published medical journals. Where can I find them?

Why isn’t the entire Marshall Protocol on the website?

Can children be treated with the MP?

Can a pregnant woman be on the Marshall Protocol?

I don’t understand the science behind the Marshall Protocol. Where can I get answers?

How much does the MP cost?

How will the MP affect my life? Can I continue to work?

Will the Marshall Protocol treat co-infections?

How long does the MP take?

Why does the MP take so long?
Links from the you tube page in post 1

The Alternative Hypothesis to Vitamin D!
Learn the Truth and End All Disease!

Molecular Activity of Vitamin D and the Vitamin D Receptor in Chronic Disease:

The Science behind vitamin D:
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The connection between Vitamin D dysregulation, its effects on immune function, and how the combined effect might mediate sarcoidosis, is currently being explored by Dr. Trevor Marshall. The theory which Dr. Marshall is currently researching via a protocol (the Marshall Protocol) under FDA oversight, asserts that L-form or cell wall deficient bacteria infect the body, and evade the immune system by inducing or enhancing this Vitamin D disregulation, which in turn suppresses the body's immune response to said bacterial infection. Dr. Marshall's research is highly controversial, and the Marshall Protocol's suggestion that people should avoid all sources of vitamin D contradicts a vast body of medical knowledge concerning the benefits of vitamin D. No research about the efficacy of the Marshall Protocol has been published in a medical journal. Marshall is not a medical doctor; his doctorate is in electrical engineering.[29]
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