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Default Re: You Can Pick Your Doctor AND You Can Pick Your Nose…

Hi conkroach,

Snot gobbling keeps you more healthy. It must keep you more wealthy also, as you would save loads on your Kleenex bill.

Don't get me started on the fecal food! I mean how many times have you heard people say, "This tastes like cr@p!".

Best regards,


Originally Posted by conkroach View Post
If true, then my young daugters friend has the healthiest immune system on the planet! ....gulp, just thinking about it....

"OK Ted, I'll take TOP THAT STORY for $500"

There is documented case history of lives saved by being fed human fecal matter. The bacteria and parasites performed a particular function that healed. This is backwoods, ultra basic natural healing! Forgot the details, but read it from good source. Yikes!!!
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