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Default Re: Giving raw food a shot

Hi Humble Janitor

What great suggestions and recipes for a paradise health here in this thread. Thanks for sharing.
I did not see on Avalon mentioning Arnold Ehret and his book The Mucusless Diet and Healing System.
What I remember is He was an Austrian doctor in last century and after his life research he stated that humans are fruit eaters. He tried for himself to eat only fruits, he felt full of energy and health, even a cut wound with blood healed in next day and no pain felt at all. Later he introduced to his diet eggs, later he added meat and made conclusions that a wound did not heal for a long time, he felt pain and etc.
He cured many sick with his fruit diet.
I should admit this book convinced many to became complete vegetarians.
He states that there are plenty nutrients in a single fruit, such as banana or apple and the passion to mix many is completely not necessary. Kinda ok to go with a banana for a week and apple for next.

Many who followed his advice achieved such a state that even after long walks for people the body feels weightless, no tiredness or less energy at all.
He also says the fruits should not be canned, frozen or cooked. As all vitamins reduced in this state.
For superb health, full energy to the max he advices to have fasting days.
He states that any disease creates mucus in a body, this is why he suggests mucusless diet to ease body.
The book realy changes life and the all philosophy of our understanding about human food.

I support your great decision to go raw, hope learn from you more good outcomes.

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