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Default Re: Miracle Mineral Solution

Thank you Grissom..Well done.
So..It's $165.00dollars for the test. The kit is free. I have to pay for the free kit before I pay for the test? Or do they send the kit..and if I send it in, I include 165bucks? I'll go read inside the website myself.
Thanks for the info..
My problem is my Doctor does'nt want to hear about ANY nonconfirmed in New England Journal of Medicine alternative solutions or "holistic" or whatever alternative remedies for any ailements I may present for opinion. He/She won't even let me talk about it. And part of what I do is IN the industry.
I really don't want to take a Valium to"chill" under perscribed medicine.
Or take enapraril for high blood pressure.
Gets frustrating when I try to even try and talk to the Doc.
I'm going to go to Burning Man this summer for the first time.
Maybe someone there can offer suggestions.
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