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Default Re: Giving raw food a shot

Originally Posted by Peace of mind View Post
The cramps will go away…
wow, just gave me some flashbacks when I first started this back in the day. Your stomach is probably saying wtf? haha. Yeah some raw foods are high in acids so certain experimentations in blending might send you scurrying to the commode. You sound like a real smoothie alchemist there LJ…just be careful you don’t blow a new hole in your rear tire...sometimes the body needs to make adjustments if it isn’t used to something.

Like Greetings suggested… every ones body takes different time periods to adjust and sometimes fasting allows for a smoother transition. The body will get used to it as it continues to purify itself.

I actually took a short break to regroup but I just bought more frozen fruit. I don't think the blender is up to the task now because it's quite noisy and all but it still does the trick.

I almost ended up buying a Jack LaLanne power juicer but I lost interest when he showed the pulp catcher in the commercial. The pulp is where the nutrients are and basically, that's a device for people who aren't willing to take the time to make something. They just want to drop in fruit and have the machine take care of it. I prefer to take my time to create something.
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