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Default Re: Help Needed For Greg Caton Herbalist From Ecuador

Originally Posted by Starlah View Post
All of you that are good at writing letters this man Greg Caton a herbalist from Ecuador needs help for his upcoming trial scheduled in Louisiana for March 17th/10. He was abducted from Ecuador some months ago on trumped up charges by the FDA.

Greg Caton's personal website for his Cansema Products (possible cure for skin cancer) is:
The reason why the FDA (Federal Death Administration) goes after people like this is because the NWO PTB know that IT WORKS, and they are trying to kill off a major portion of the population (not to mention Big Pharma profits)

Who are any of them to say how we can take care of our own health?

I will be a witness in favor of Greg Caton any day to attest that Black Salve works because I myself used it on my face. Works wonderfully, healed beautifully.
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