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Default Re: The Jonathan Reed Hoax - Project Camelot impersonation on YouTube

Originally Posted by manticore View Post
Let me assure you that I never said Tone3Jaguar was spreading rumors. I said that Redtailhawk was coming to the wrong conclusion based on non-factual data.

Tone3Jaguar has been a member of my forum and I respect his dowsing capabilities and input. You may want to read what Redtailhawk said again.



You said Tone 3 was mistaken in what he said. To me that is a rumor or better a lie....sorry my mistake on words

I am very much aware of what RedtailHawk wrote and I just want you to know, I am also a member of your forum, I love your interviews. I read all the words you put up there regarding this via the link that Tone3 put up so I know what was said. I just dont get into the forum.

Trust me, I am not enjoying this and I would like to drop it.

Do you know the real identity of RedTailHawk ? It matters not because he or she is somebody and has said why he wanted to know who oust Jake for personal reasons.

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