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Default Re: The Jonathan Reed Hoax - Project Camelot impersonation on YouTube

Originally Posted by mntruthseeker View Post
Normally I would agree Waitinginthewings but I'm shock at what happened here tonight.

I am shocked at Mel jumping all over Redtailhawk on this forum

Shocked and saddened that he wuld do that and insinuate that Tone3 was spreading rumors

Anyhow it has me wondering what is going on.

I know that I certainly owe Bill an apology for ever doubting what he wrote, but I learned a lesson, thats for sure
Let me assure you that I never said Tone3Jaguar was spreading rumors. I said that Redtailhawk was coming to the wrong conclusion based on non-factual data.

Tone3Jaguar has been a member of my forum and I respect his dowsing capabilities and input, not to mention that I consider all my members friends, as I interact with all of them. You may want to re-read what Redtailhawk said.

With respect,


P.S. Not to digress this thread, but I was happy to see Tone3Jaguar's abilities recognized by someone I consider another good friend. See the link below:

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