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Default Re: What Is the Big Picture Concerning the NWO Agenda?

Originally Posted by Seashore View Post

What does this mean?
It's a lazy man's !! hehe

Instead of waiting til 50 pages I will lurk in this thread and see what you guys say. I don't have much to add myself, I'm really on the fence because most of this information has only been brought to my attention in the past two years and I'm still trying to integrate/evaluate what I can.

In slowly creating my own world view, I want to avoid abstractions and maybes so that I can work with what I know and can evaluate. I don't want to get my head too far up in the clouds cause god knows I could use a little more grounding. When it gets into all of the metaphysical I have the tendency to crash back down into my simple Zen. I still need to move up from where I am, and then who knows I may actually first hand experience some of the cooler stuff people talk about on Avalon

But you guys definitely hash it out. I will learn what I can from the discussion.
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