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Default Re: What Is the Big Picture Concerning the NWO Agenda?

Originally Posted by Seashore View Post
Are you describing fractals?
(Also far too many other quotes to highlight)

I suspect is so much more than this but I donít think we even have names for them! There are dimensions within dimensions and on top of that everything loops back onto itself in a spiral fashion Ė sorry if Iím not explaining myself well but Iím coming from a place of intuition and knowing and find it hard to articulate these dimensional concepts as our language and 3D is so limited.

Iíve been aware for a while now that they are trying to replace our internet with a cyber government internet called Internet2. In UK, theyíre already trying to push this through using copyrights as an excuse. China already has something similar in place.

Many researchers have said that not all reptilians are negative. They do however concentrate their research on the ones hell bent on dominating our planet and our souls. From what Iíve gathered, our Ďuniverseí is teaming with benevolent beings Ė itís just this part of the universe seems to be the hunting ground for the negative beings and our souls are the prize. There is far too much evidence of the existence of reptilians throughout our history and from many different cultures to not consider that they most probably exist.

I concur with tone3jaguar as the lower astral planes have their own hierarchies which include negative energies and demons. The negative reptilians are from what I understand from the lower 4D and their handlers are from lower 5Dís and probably higher. All their energies are different due to them residing on different planes.
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