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Default Re: Miracle Mineral Solution

hi all, I'm presently trying it out, I've worked myself up to the 15 drops 3 times a day and have to endure another week of it until I can switch to the lower "maintenance" dosage. I'm basically very healthy but had some skin irritations on my arms, and had to constantly fight off skin fungus and athlete's foot with creams and powders. Results so far: skin irritations gone in 4 days at the time of initial lower dosage, athlete's foot gone after 1.5wk, fungus gone as of a few days ago (1 wk into the full dosage).
So far so good, now comes the biggest challenge: I think I've got a basal melanoma that's developing, I had quite a few removed in the past (...used to love a mean suntan!), I want to see if it gets cured by MMS and would welcome any advice on the subject.
The fact that some are trying to discredit MMS is in my opinion really sick.
The only negative thing I must say is that from my experience it's not an easy cure, I've had "montezuma's revenge" striking me heavily for a few it was a drag...and on and off up to now, but I ani't stopping.
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