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Default Re: Free computer help here!!!

I have been having a lot of problems with Firefox over the last month or two. When I try to load a comes up "firefox not responding"....& of course I get frustrated after waiting 10mins..........then I'm trying again & again & my screen freezes for another ten mins. I swear sometimes, I can try to open a link & go vacuum my entire house, come back & its still trying to load. I feel like this right now with my laptop.

Yesterday Firefox popped up with a update to 3.6 version, which I did. But that little upgrade took out my mini program eQuake alert gone, gone, gone. I tried to download it again, but its not compatible with the new upgraded Firefox........ I miss my equake alert. Oh yea and my computer is so slow...

Guys, got any pearls of computer wisdom. Save me please from computers?

Oh. my laptop is Dell Inspiron 6400, (2MB/1.73GHz/533MHz) then this: 1GB, DDR2, 533MHz 2 D1mm for Inspiron. Got it Mar. 2007.

What ever happened to the Startrek computer, where you just talk to it & it answers you back with answers & advice. I want that one.
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