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Default Re: Free computer help here!!!

Originally Posted by Spregovori View Post
Buy a 2,5 or 3,5 external hard drive if you have large amounts of data, or buy for example a 16gig USB key.... put your data on it....
Thank You for this information....I appreciate it.

I have another you think my system will eventually crash
and never return? Does that happen because the rest of computer land
keeps updating and mine can't handle it? This has happened to me before
I got this one.....

Just how long is a computer suppose to last? I would really like one of those computers that I saw in the movie Avatar...with the 3-D screen that wraps that would be cool...and if the sold them at Wally World...I might go there to purchase one if they would sell one for a few beans....

Thanks again......Namaste.....Freedom
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