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Anybody interested in joining in a Chemtrail Watch group we've formed in SW VA to track chemtrailing activity and get some data together? There is NO information anywhere about when they chemtrail, and how that relates to our actual weather, so we're collecting our own info. We've got local observers scattered in small towns, and we could use some western TN people too, as all our weather is linked. When they chemtrail you, it blows towards us.

Armed with info (observations, photos, videos) we plan on making a fuss and demanding some answers from local and state "governing bodies" who are not telling us ANYTHING. And also we'll demand some public health initiatives around the aluminum and barium falling so unnaturally from the sky.

Anyone? Contact me at Citizens' Chemtrail Watch and I'll help your local group get started. Then you'll be allied with our group. And we're hoping for a nationwide alliance of observers as time goes on, to track larger systems coming in from the midwest and even further.
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