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Default Re: How to make a HEART symbol...Happy Valentines Day!

You can also do the index fingers touching the thumbs thing and give the worls a valentines.

Leslie is in Arizona right now, but we are no longer a "couple," just best friends. Anong people who've been through the things that make up of subjects that are discussed on Avalon, the bonding can be very strong and life-long. We both really relate to people who are lonely on the holidays.

Let's see if I can pull of the photo pasting trick... Leslie below:

She's a big fan of Lede Atominca (not the bevis and butthead all-dude heavy metal band of the same name who hogged up all the You Tube slots by re-posting their same awful song... so listener beware if seaching for more Leda A.. Only pick up the brand with the Angela in it!!!)

As always, I dedicate this song to all of us who don't have someone to shower with heart shaped chocolates today. Hang in there. Leslie, Angela and Paul LOVE YOU (and tomarow won't Val Day anymore and everybody will be back in the same row boat again... so there!)

I imagd the video link.
I hope it works and I hope all the single people here have a great, love-filled day.

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