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Default Re: DMSO Real good stuff for your Health

everyone should do their own research on both products.. I use them both and I haven't had a cold or flu all winter when everyone around me was getting sick.. I don't even use it regularly.. only when signs of symptoms show up or I've been around someone who is sick. I also use MMS2 and like it as well.

DMSO can be used as a carrier for medications like MMS, colloidal silver etc.. I know folks that have used it for years.. many benefits to it's use (not abuse) and skin should ALWAYS be clean when applying it .. it'll drag whatever is on the skin into your body.. so use wisely .... it penetrates so fast that 5 minutes after you apply on your skin, you can taste it.. does wonders for inflamation

I'm not a doctor.. do your own due diligence, I'm only passing along what has been my experience with these products..

HJ, have no fear ...if something was wrong with MMS, the web would be full of info...

a bit of bad form by the OP IMHO
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