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Default Re: Help with facial skin cysts of oil glands needed.

Originally Posted by Kulapops View Post
Any update john on how things are going ?!
Hi K,

Yes here is an update… a quick one...

They haven't got any worst, which is a positive thing. She's been taking Turmeric and her skin has improved but not the big cysts.

She did put some Vick vapour rub on her neck due to a cold (...but I'd read on earth clinic that this helps with cysts also ) and one small one near the lower neck came to the surface!!!
So know her mood is improved as she has seen improvement in skin and one cyst…

In addition she visited our wonderful NHS health service, from what she has been discussing with me she had a wealth of questions including…

Is it the lymphatic system?
Will Lymphomyosot help?
Can I have a blood test to work out what is happening?

All the answers to the question were "I don't think it will help?" after the doctor viewed a multiple choice kind of computer program…

She came out understanding how poor our health service is!!! Saying it was useless! At least she has now came to the same conclusion that I came to after a couple of years of ill health…

We are detoxing and doing many lymphatic massages and are considering a dietary change based on this book Saying if you have many sugars you can't stabalise the hormonal system…. It involves trying to remove starches and sugars and transfats from the diet.

Sorry to be brief...

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