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Default Re: Has anyone else expirienced this since the rise in quakes

Hi all not been around alot lately so haven't had the chance to reply.

The swaying thing, falling through walls that sort of thing. The glowing of certain parts of your bodies.

When dowsing with a pendulem, you feel the motion through your hand, then wrist and your arm. When dowsing through rods it is a pulseor current.

When dowsing with your body you feel the whole thing magnified.

There has been a marked increase in the earth current. This rise in vibrational currents, will give rise to feeling of your natural dowsing abilities through your entire body. Dowsing allows you to walk through walls, girate at the earths current and activate certain chakras at differing moment, which create a combine chord frequency that in turn will increase you sensitivity.

If it gets too strong close down certain chakras or reverse the flow of certain chakras. Everyone is slightly different, so each has its own chord structures. This is why you get on with some people and not others. We name the results, There too egoiste, or they are lost in space? But the prime reason is the music that you can play together, when our freqencuies compliment each others. The more people involved makes for a beautiful orchestre.

Get in touch with the thing your body is telling you. Each persons connection is different, with its own cause and effect. When you get in touch you know what you should be doing and where you should be going. On all levels.

Rarely here but love and light,

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